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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Corbett Report - A Discusion on Psychopaths

Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

Coming to conclusions about the world we live in is often hard to come to terms with and in our continuing efforts here at the on the trail of psychopaths blog, here is an informative podcast taken off where videos and podcasts are conveniently archived.

In this podcast, James Corbett, reveals some of the insights about psychopaths Doctor Robert Hare has uncovered in his years of research. James Corbett makes connections between Political Ponerology and Doctor Hare's work. Definitely worth listening to.

"They walk among us. On the outside they're just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we delve into Political Ponerology, a diagnosis of our politicians and a brief look at the bigger picture."

The Corbett Report - Episode 090 - Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

"There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colorless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it." -- Sherlock Holmes in A Study in Scarlet, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1887

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SOTT's Project Dystopia

The editors at need your help!

We would like any and all images you might have that reveal the increasingly dystopian state of our world. Examples include photos of:

* People being harassed at airports
* Long lines for airport check-in and security
* Lines at food stamp offices or soup kitchens
* "Tent cities" for the homeless in your area
* People being evicted from their homes
* Long lines at unemployment offices
* Anything else you think fits!

Please include a brief description of your photos, including things like time, date, location, etc.

More details here.

Are We Living in a Pathocracy

Pathocracy - The Scientific Application of Terror?

This Youtube caught my attention while doing a search for 'psychopath' and 'pathocracy' for blog content related to Political Ponerology - have we arrived at the point where terrorism is scientifically and regularly conducted?

Alexandre de Tocqueville described regime de la Terreur as a "methodology to make the masses familiar with the realities created by elites."

What are the consequences when those "elites" are psychopaths?

A test to determine if you are a psychopath

Take this test to determine if you are a psychopath


Read this question, come up with an answer and then scroll down to the bottom for the result. This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. No one I know has gotten it right. Few people do.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his number and could not find him. A few days later she killed her sister.

Question: What is her motive for killing her sister?

[Give this some thought before you answer...see answer below]

Answer: She was hoping the guy would appear at the funeral again.

If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to determine if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. If you didn't answer the question correctly, good for you...

If you got the answer correct, please let me know so I can take necessary steps so our paths don't cross.

Why should you build such a thing

One of my favorites

Decided to take a break from the seriousness of this topic remembering back to the black comedy of Stanley Kubrick's movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. I never considered what a psychopath was and being ignorant of this fact, watched this movie many years ago more for entertainment not realizing the subtle connections to names and symbols of American - Russian relations involved in the 'Cold War.'

Now, looking back on this particular scene, Peter Sellers is the 'perfect' psychopath as Doctor Strangelove.

Are You Involved With A Psychopath

Stop the madness indeed

I have often wondered if elite families from the upper rungs of society have not been accidentally, or even intentionally, breeding offspring with specific genetic traits of psychopathy as this article alludes to.

Are You Involved With A Psychopath?
Michael G. Conner, Psy.D

There is a growing discussion among researchers to suggest there may be a genetic influence that creates a psychopathic personality. The psychopath may lack the ability to physically feel what others identify as the physical sensation of guilt. They can feel fear, anger, sadness in the moment but not guilt for what they did or what they are about to do. Some sociologists believe that a sexually promiscuous psychopath who can live off others is a survivor and may represent one of many genes for survival in the human species.

Even more surprising has been the observation that many adult psychopaths do not seem to benefit from support, counseling or therapy and may in fact commit crimes again and sooner because of it. Research using brain scanning technology has revealed that the brain of a psychopath functions and processes information differently. One famous brain imaging study showed that psychopaths can remain calm looking photos of dead bodies in automobile accidents where as other people were clearly upset. They don't use their brain they way others do. This suggests that they may be physically different from normal people.

Are You Involved With A Psychopath Article

Monday, December 28, 2009

Selecting Your Favorite Psychopath

Which psychopath will you turn to in fear?

The Wiring in the Brain of a Psychopath

Psychopaths really are hard wired - and now, some poetry

Sitting alone in that corner is me.
See the tear falling down my eye,
It's a lie.
Trying to fool you,
Trying to suck you in.
I'm numb. I cannot feel.
I'm immune to pain. Immune to you.
Look, look at me.
I'm squeezing my life, suffocating my soul,
And making your life miserable.
Or perhaps ending it.
Do you like what you see?


Psychopaths Have Faulty Brains - They are Wired Differently

Anti-Psychopath Activism Mission Statement: Stop the promotion of psychopaths to positions of power. Find the ones in power and expose them.

Psychopathic Pediatrician Busted

Mask of Sanity: Delaware Pediatrician Video-taped Himself Raping or Molesting 100 Children

Ian Urbina
New York Times
Mon, 28 Dec 2009

For more than a decade, Dr. Earl B. Bradley was a trusted fixture of the small coastal town of Lewes, Del., seeing thousands of children at a private practice he called BayBees Pediatrics.

On Wednesday, an official from the state attorney general's office said that Dr. Bradley might have raped or molested as many as 100 children over the last 11 years, and the police scrambled to identify victims seen on videos that they say the doctor made of the assaults. They also began contacting law enforcement agencies in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where they believe the doctor may have also seen patients.

Last week, Dr. Bradley, 56, was charged with molesting or raping at least seven patients, including some infants. A court hearing in the case was canceled Wednesday because Dr. Bradley had been placed on suicide watch.

Dr. Bradley has been charged with 33 felony counts of first- and second-degree rape, sexual exploitation of a child by photo or film, and endangering the welfare of a child, said Paula T. Ryan, the chief prosecutor in Sussex County.

Read the entire article.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Dance with the Devil: Psychopath Puzzle with Bach

A Dance with the Devil - warnings how to spot a psychopath put to music by Bach

This video is about a book written by Barbara Bentley called A Dance with the Devil. Are you dancing with a devil, better check, being married or in a relationship with a Norman Bates isn't a lot of fun.

Interview related to Political Ponerology

The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

Silvia Cattori

After reading the book Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrzej Łobaczewski, I wished to interview (2008) the author. However, given that he was sick, he was unable to respond to my questions except in the shortest way, a single paragraph.

Fortunately, I was able to interview Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Henry See, editors of the book who discussed the questions with him via telephone and were thus able to speak on his behalf.

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrzej Łobaczewski. Please go to the link above to read this interview in its entirety.

Here are a few quotes to give you an idea of just exactly how these these "industrial psychopaths" think. Even Norman Bates would cringe. Note: These quotes did not come from the book Political Ponerology, I picked them up from different sites after doing a search for relevant material on psychopaths.

"The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300 people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no conscience whatsoever." -- Former Pentagon CID Investigator Gene Wheaton

"My view is, there exists a group of people in the world that have a disease. I call it the 'power disease.' They want to rule and control other people. They are a more important plague than cancer, pneumonia, bubonic plague, tuberculosis, and heart disease put together. " -- Dr John Gofman

"I believe that many psychopaths who walk among us are often those who hold upstanding positions in society, they are what I call the compensated psychopaths." -- Guggenbuhl-Craig, The Emptied Soul

And here's my favorite quote, or is it an observation and something I've alluded to in this blog, is America the perfect breeding ground where psychopathic behavior is reinforced and made all the worse?

"Our society is already showing evidence of an epidemic of sociopaths and I wrote this book as a wake up call." -- Benjamin B. Wolman, Antisocial Behavior: Personality Disorders from Hostility to Homocide

The Sister of the Rose - Jim Marrs

The mistresses of psychopaths

Jim Marrs has a new book out called The Sister of the Rose and here is a summary of it done by Austin Gandy of the Disinformation Podcasts.

Perhaps it isn't directly related to this blog which is concerned with the huge implications of psychopaths and how they effect our lives, but this new book by Jim Marrs might offer a small glimpse into the mind of a "industrial psychopath" (Doctor Hare's description) looking at them from the perspctive of the women they loved and had as mistresses.

Dr. Robert Hare - Psychopath Documentary

Psychopath - A documentary about psychopaths and their psychopathic mindset.

A highly recommended series of videos which give an excellent over view of the mind and behavior of psychopaths. Prisons in the United States have incarcerated within their walls possibly many prisoners who are psychopathic and have not been properly diagnosed. I'm wondering, aren't America's prisons sort of like universities for psychopaths?

Doctor Robert Hare, when referring to "sub criminal" psychopaths, those psychopaths not involved in crime, has referred to them as being "industrial psychopaths." This leads me to think, is our society in general, American society, i.e., its corporations and institutions, the ideal place where psychopaths are nurtured, almost a perfect environment for them to become "industrial grade" psychopaths?

Part 1 of 6:

Part 2 of 6:

Part 3 of 6:

Although I have only posted three videos of this six part series, after viewing the third part you can review the remaining three parts by going to Youtube and view them there. I decided to not post the last three parts to save space on the blog.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are you paying attention

Norman Bates would like to know if you are paying attention to this blog?

Perhaps I should rename this blog to the 'Bates Blog?'

Good night, Norman, and remember, mother is watching you so behave yourself.

Red Ice Creations Interview with Michael Tsarion

Views from the alternative community - psychology as a sham

Red Ice Radio - Michael Tsarion - Pt 1 - Conspiracy, Psychology, "Fall of the Republic"

Red Ice Radio - Michael Tsarion - Pt 2 - Conspiracy, Psychology, "Fall of the Republic"

Red Ice Radio - Michael Tsarion - Pt 3 - Conspiracy, Psychology, "Fall of the Republic"

Psychopaths have always been with us

Psychopathy at the dawn of history

By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley

With the development of writing, the elite class would multiply their advantage over the commoners, because these highly specialized skills could be used to create an aura of mystery as well as a body of tremendously useful proto-scientific knowledge. Of course, not all members of the elite would be likely to be psychopathic by any means -- on the contrary, we would expect that accidents of birth, the distribution of skills within the broader society, and the advantages of conscientiousness and honesty, would be a constant balancing force.

However, the activities of the psychopathic element would put a continuously insane "edge" on the acceptable range of elite conversation, and more often than not, non-psychopaths would find it much to their advantage to play along with the lies of the psychopaths (even when they were able to understand the fraudulent nature of those lies.)

By the time of earliest written history, we would argue that the psychopaths must have been pretty firmly in control of the emerging civilizations.

Read more if you found this essay interesting.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snakes in Suits - Dr. Robert Hare

Dr. Robert Hare: Expert on the Psychopath

By Katherine Ramsland

Dr. Robert Hare has spent more than three decades engaged in research on the nature and implications of psychopathy. He developed the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) and its revision, the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), for the reliable and valid assessment of psychopathy.

He is professor emeritus at University of British Columbia in Canada, and sits on the Research Board of the FBI's Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center (CASMIRC). CASMIRC was established in 1998 by an act of Congress, and its ten-member advisory board initiates research and consults in the mysterious disappearances of children, child homicide, cases of kidnapping, and serial murder investigations.

Read all of Katherine Ramsland's article

Understanding psychopaths to survive

Five important immediate steps you can take to recognize a psychopath

Psychopaths are mentally ill and can be extremely dangerous. The following precautions will help to protect you from the destructive acts of which psychopaths in their extreme behavior are capable.

First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behavior is masked by a superficial social facade.

For further reading and understanding.

Signs of the Times - Psychopathy

THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity

Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School

Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

Read the entire essay at psychopathy.

Psychopaths in Marketing - Professor David Morris

Professor David Morris discussing psychopaths in marketing - who would have ever thought

An interesting discussion on psychopaths in business/marketing presented by Professor David Morris, who instructs in consulting storytelling and Internet marketing.

David Morris seems to understand what motivates a psychopaths and talks about some rather cogent facts about psychopaths that I would guess are over looked by most people.

Professor David Morris' insightful work.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A music video - psychopath

This crude and rather repulsive video has a certain feel about it which authenticates the seriousness of our circumstances here at the On the Trail of the Psychopath blog.

The Metaphysics of Evil

A Stunning Look at the Metaphysics of Evil

by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

In this latest volume of her prescient Wave series, Laura Knight-Jadczyk brings order to the chaotic and labyrinthine world of murder, conspiracy, and the paranormal.

In a unique and probing synthesis of science and mysticism she presents a detailed series of case studies and application of her hypothesis of hyperdimensional influence.

Get the book.

The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

2nd Edition

The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by scientists working under impossible conditions of repression, was sent via a courier to the Vatican.

Its receipt was never acknowledged, no word was ever heard from the courier - the manuscript and all the valuable data was lost. The third copy was produced after one of the scientists working on the project escaped to America in the 1980s.

Get the book.

Women Who Love Psychopaths

2nd Edition

by Sandra L. Brown

Favorably fortunate women are often ‘success-struck’ by the psychopath’s true or surface success. This blinds them to his psychopathy. There are millions of pathological personalities who destroy people’s lives—with or without breaking the law.

These people unfortunately never go to prison, so their true criminal nature is never unmasked. They are outwardly successful, and can be seen in high-ranking CEO positions, politics, and prestigious positions in law, medicine, and the military.

Get the book.

Corporations as Psychopathic Organizations