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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Psychopath MRI - Let's See the Scan

Psychopaths extract emotional words differently

In this video, Doctor Robert Hare says, "psychopaths come to a different conclusion with emotional words...tells us perhaps, the psychopath doesn't really extract emotional information from words most other people would do, so this led to the spec study done in new York."

I'm not a linguist but have always been fascinated with the origin of the English language and the etymology of words, so my question is, has the English language somehow been in any way contributing in any significant influential way to the behavior of psychopaths?

Another question I have, has the money system we are currently forced to live under contributed in any way to the voracity and cunning of psychopaths?

After viewing a few videos on psychopathy off Youtube, I discovered this comment:
See, what you fucks fail to understand is that emotions are not what makes us human, they aren't what separate us from other species. It's a petty argument. Intelligence and consciousness are all that differs. Emotions lead to the practice of suicide, ritualistic suffering, blind following, mindless worshiping, irrationality, among other shit. So if anything, emotions make us less human, since they cloud our judgment and encourage ignorance.

I'm not a psychopath, just a realist.
Well, looks like I'm a "fuck" I guess. "It's a petty argument" isn't it, this discussion of psychopaths, but there comes a time when emotions are distinguished from compassion for other human beings. Is this being a "fuck?"

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